Liberal Studies is Cal Poly's pre-professional Teacher Preparation Program leading students to enrollment in a multiple subject credential program as well as opportunities for single-subject credentialing. Liberal Studies faculty collaborate with departmental faculty across the campus to provide the necessary expertise required in the student curriculum. Faculty involved in the Liberal Studies program conduct research in their respective domains.

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Submissions from 1995


A Solvate of the Diacetate Salt of the Octaethyltetraphenylporphyrin Dication, H4OETPP2+.2CH3COO-.3CH3COOH.- CH2CI2, K. M. Barkigia, J. Fajer, M. Dolores Berber-Jimenez, and K. M. Smith


Expression of Anthocyanins in Callus Cultures of Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon Ait), D. L. Madhavi, M. A.L. Smith, and M. Dolores Berber-Jimenez

Submissions from 1994


Anthocyanin Pigments: Comparison of Extract Stability, Alan Baublis, Art Spomer, and M. Doleres Berber-Jimenez

Submissions from 1990


Tetracycloalkenyl-meso-tetraphenylporphyrins as Models for the Effect of Non-planarity on the Light Absorption Properties of Photosynthetic Chromophores, Craig J. Medforth, M. Dolores Berber-Jiménez, Kevin M. Smith, and John A. Shelnutt

Submissions from 1985


Radiation Chemistry of Overirradiated Aqueous Solutions of Hydrogen Cyanide and Ammonium Cyanide, Z. D. Draganić; I. G. Draganić,; J. A. Azamar; S. I. Vujošević; M. Dolores Berber-Jimenez; and A. Negrón-Mendoza