The Western Fairs Association, the California Joint Committee on Fairs Allocation and Classification, and Louis S. Merrill, former director of the Western Fairs Association gave the California Fairs Collection, one of the major archival collections on fairs and fairs management in the Western United States, to Cal Poly in 1982. In addition to extensive material on the management of fairs in California, the collection also contains information on fairs in other Western states, as well as foreign fairs and world fairs.

The Fairs Collection contains archival and printed material created in three separate offices: Western Fairs Association, a non-profit trade association; Division of Fairs and Expositions, an agency of the California Department of Food and Agriculture; and the Joint Committee on Fairs Allocations and Classification, a legislative group comprised of seven senators and seven assembly members. In addition, material collected through the years by Louis S. Merrill, director of WFA from 1945-1972, has been added to the collection. An additional gift was made in 1999.


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