As the volume of digital data multiplies exponentially and the use of digital repositories to capture academic research expands, the demands on academic librarians are also increasing. Librarians are expected to serve as liaisons between data authors, managers, scientists and end users, while providing a full range of curation services. Little has been offered from the perspective of archival and records management, despite archivists’ traditional role as keepers and stewards of scholars’ data. Archival science focuses on appraising, selecting and describing data, managing data retention and attending to source, authenticity and preservation. Professional archivists have considerable expertise in handling volumes of research data, and archival methods can add efficiency to digital data management. Greater collaboration between academic library liaisons and archivists is urged, recognizing and integrating the skills of each profession to best advantage for the most effective approach to comprehensive data curation and management of digital repositories.


Library and Information Science



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