Department - Author 1

Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies Program

Degree Name - Author 1

BA in Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies



Primary Advisor

Michael Haungs


California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo is home to the largest student run orientation program in the nation. The success of the program is due to a combination of student volunteer involvement, comprehensive topic coverage, campus and community involvement, and dedicated leadership. Topics to ensure student success are carefully researched, conceptualized, and implemented to construct programming for Soar and Week of Welcome. As an Executive Board Member, supervising a committee focused on student and student supporter transition and awareness topics, one has the option to specialize on projects. Improvement of respect and diversity training and programming needed to be completed. Research of activities and trainings done in higher education environments was conducted and training was restructured to reflect the conclusion of the research. A workshop session was created for training focusing on culture and communication and was run sixteen times through a period of four weeks. Data collection of different cultural clubs and organizations in the San Luis Obispo community was conducted and stored for the program’s reference. A video project focusing on respect and diversity on the campus was planned and will be filmed an edited from July to August to be shown during presentations for incoming students during Week of Welcome. The combination of training materials, a database, and video production was the culmination of senior project and a side project as an Executive Board member. The initial results and feedback have been positive and future assessment will be conducted by the future Board of 2014. The products of this research and project have been customized to be used in the future for different groups.