Department - Author 1

Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies Program

Degree Name - Author 1

BA in Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies



Primary Advisor

David Gillette


The application of new technology in a classic medium, such as theatre, can be a strong force in creating a unique experience for both the audience and the designer. At first, introducing new media techniques may seem like a novelty and easily dismissed as a gimmick. The fact is the modern audience is more familiar with information displayed in video format and will find projected video elements implemented into the scenic design as another way to access the story the performers on stage are trying to convey. It is our duty as designers to utilize every tool at our disposal to inform and entertain our audience. Not only is projection based design a useful tool for the stage, it is widely applied in concert productions, artistic instillations, marketing, and event lighting. Projection elements add another level of visual stimulation and enjoyment for everyone.

I find it a necessity to focus my senior project on projection based design as I have found it an increasingly useful, adaptable, and desired ability across multiple disciplines. Over the last three years I have been privileged to design projection installations for performances, events, and presentations for academic programs and professional groups across campus. While I have garnered much success over these few years I have failed miserably in conveying my accumulated knowledge and experience to the next generation of student designers so that these highly sought after projects can continue to improve as new generations of LAES and Theatre students become curious about the techniques. This iBook is my attempt to make up for lost time in hopes of providing a resource that can be studied and built upon in the years to come.