Department - Author 1

Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies Program

Degree Name - Author 1

BA in Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies



Primary Advisor

Michael Haungs


Physical computing, or more specifically social immersive media, is an offshoot of New Media that incorporates interactive physical systems (software/hardware systems) to sense and respond to the analog world. This serves as a creative framework for understanding our own relationship to the digital world. In this project, computer vision is incorporated as a medium between both input and output through the use of two cameras, a typical webcam and a Microsoft Kinect. For the first part of the project, a webcam streams visual data into a computer program which interpolates the video data into a 25x25 virtual dot matrix. This interpolation is transmitted via USB port to a Peggy 2 LED display in real time. In the second portion of the project, a Microsoft Kinect for Windows camera streams visual data into a Greenfoot Java environment. This virtual environment tracks the user’s skeleton and allows the user to play musical tones based on the movement of the user’s right hand. Together these two interfaces are intended to provide an introduction to physical computing and social immersive media.