College - Author 1

College of Science and Mathematics

Department - Author 1

Kinesiology Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Kinesiology



Primary Advisor

Jafra D. Thomas, College of Science and Mathematics, Kinesiology and Public Health Department


This manuscript is a reflective write-up of Regina Hockert’s experience in completing KINE 462, Honors Kinesiology Senior Project, during the 2022 Fall Quarter. It describes their experience as an undergraduate research leader, including specific milestones and artifacts related to a broader replication study and the daily activities of Dr. Jafrā Thomas’ lab. This essay was designed to be a written reflection around their senior project presentation and the insights shared through that medium about the senior project experience. It is created to showcase lessons learned in relationship with the tasks and responsibilities required of working in-depth on student-led research. There are a series of appendices to this manuscript that include images, documents, and other artifacts that were collected and analyzed for the end-of-course presentation. This essay mirrors that presentation. Specifically, it focuses on three main milestones of (a) turning a literature review into a manuscript, (b) creating a recruitment sign-up form, and (c) creating recruitment tabling material to sign up participants for the broader replication study. The overarching goal of this essay submission was to provide information on the inner workings of a senior project and student research, as well as personal insight into challenges and skills developed through unexpected hurdles whilst working on the components of the senior project experience. This information contained within the insights presented can be used to advise the creation of future senior projects, assist in designing student-led research experiences, and allow people to become familiar with how student-led research may unfold.