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BS in Journalism




Dan Eller


This paper is a combination of research and data from three experts who were interviewed about the value of social in a corporate company, specifically Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Social media’s presence has increased at an exponential pace in the past five years, and consumers are constantly looking to access new information. It has become a useful tool for both internal and external communication within a company. As research shows, “[companies] are revamping and modernizing their print publications, starting radio and video shows, using social media to foster two-way communication, using the new multimedia tools to reach new audiences, telling better stories, improving how their executives communicate — in short, they're doing the creative work they wanted to do before it was beaten out of them by the system,” (Crescenzo, p. 10). While it has become a popular communication tool, it is important to do research to prove how effective and vital it is to a company’s success.