Journalism Department

Degree Name

BS in Journalism




Bill Loving


Research was conducted to determine the best practices for using social media to encourage target audiences to engage with the nonprofit Family Care Network, Inc. (FCNI). The agency had not been successful in this endeavor and wanted community members to interact with it via its social media platforms, with the end goal of increasing donations and volunteers. FCNI’s fundraiser Miracle Miles for Kids 2012 (MM4K) was the focus of this study as it was determined by the agency to be the best avenue for a social media campaign to increase financial resources. Academic papers among other sources were studied to determine specific best practices that have been successful. This study concluded that FCNI should implement a Facebook campaign aimed to showing multimedia content to MM4K participants to encourage increased donations, as well as create user-submitted contests to increase participant enthusiasm for the event. These practices would likely generate the results desired by FCNI as well as serve as a model for future events.