Department - Author 1

Journalism Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Journalism



Primary Advisor

Bill Loving


This senior project was done to determine the best practices of social media for California wineries to use in order to connect with the Millennial generation.

The California wine industry has been growing steadily for years. Much of this growth can be attributed to a generation of people in the United States called Millennials. This generation is currently between the ages of 10 and 30, and those of age are drinking wine with a passion that mirrors that of their Baby Boomer parents. Wineries are searching for the best ways in which to connect with and market to this demographic, as Millennials tend to be wary of traditional or blatant advertising, choosing instead to listen to the advise of their peers or social networking sites. Facebook and Twitter are ideal social media for wineries to use to connect with the Millennial generation, as they are viewed as genuine sources where users can actively participate in two-way conversations with other users and the winery about its brand. When used effectively, Facebook and Twitter can increase a winery’s profits and establish a loyal Millennial customer base for years to come.