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College of Liberal Arts

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Journalism Department

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BS in Journalism



Primary Advisor

Anthony Prado, College of Liberal Arts, Journalism Department


Founded on June 12th, 1977 in San Francisco, CA by husband Roy Raymond and wife Gaye, Victoria's Secret has grown to become a renowned company in the fashion industry with a cult following for its lingerie, loungewear, activewear, and beauty products (Victoria's Secret, 2021).

Victoria's Secret aims to develop customer loyalty and an exceptional consumer experience through their high quality, sophisticated, and sexy products that appeal to every consumer's taste and budget with a variety of price points: bras from $19-$150, loungewear $29-$200, activewear from $20-100, and beauty products from $10- $21 (Victoria's Secret, 2021). Their products are designed "by her for her" and for decades have defined "her" as an extremely thin, elegant, youthful Caucasian woman with no flaws nor blemishes on her skin or any other imperfections. The "her" Victoria's Secret built their brand on is entirely unattainable, unrealistic, and unhealthy.

In 2019, consumers finally started to speak up, pushing Victoria's Secret to cancel their annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show for its lack of diversity, negative messaging, and affect on mental heath (Time, 2019). While Victoria's Secret did cancel the show, saying that they needed to "figure out how to evolve their market", they have failed to include any plus sized, transgender, or LGBTQ+ models in campaigns since. They have also failed to include extended sizing. In 2020, CEO Leslie Wexner stepped down from Victoria's Secret after telling Vogue, "transgender models will never be used because they don't fit the 'fantasy'" (The Cut, 2020). Over the past year, former models, such as Bella Hadid, have begun to speak out against the company, saying Victoria's Secret never made them powerful and many struggled with severe depression and eating disorders the entire time they were working with the company.

Currently, Victoria's Secret is experiencing a 7% decline in revenue, along with a decrease in customers and long-time supporters of the brand. Now more than ever Victoria's Secret needs to increase diversity, profitability, consumer trust, consumer loyalty, and overall likability.