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Journalism Department

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BS in Journalism




Antonio Prado


The following is a comprehensive public relations campaign created after extensive research on public relations efforts and corporate social responsibility. The study is mainly focused on establishing the relationship, if any, between a company’s philanthropic efforts and their profits. The study seeks to answer questions such as “Is the return on investment for philanthropic giving worth it?” and “How might this impact company morale?” With a focus on measuring the success of a philanthropic campaign created for Sereno Group Real Estate company, a small to midsize residential real estate company in the Silicon Valley, this study serves as a basis for understanding philanthropic efforts, where they stemmed from, and the type of impact they might have at the company level as well as even the global level. This text dives into the fundamentals of corporate social responsibility and terms that have evolved due to company’s lack of authenticity when creating these types of movements. Texts such as Yvon Chouinard’s Let My People Go Surfing and Guy Kawasaki’s Art of the Start in addition to personal interviews with industry level top executives are highly integrated into the study’s research, analysis, and conclusions. This study helps define the relationship, if any, between philanthropic public relations strategies and company success defined by public’s perception, company moral and culture, as well as company revenue and profits.