College of Liberal Arts


Journalism Department

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BS in Journalism




Antonio Prado


This project is a roadmap on how to create a film festival with unprecedented origins. It shows the amount of work, the amount of resources, and the amount of contacts that a student must gain in order to achieve success in an event of this nature. It details my own journey as the founder and architect of the 25 Under 25 Film Fest, a two-day film festival highlighting 25 films by filmmakers around the state of California. The festival was a highly successful event with numerous facets, which will be outlined with this evaluation. This examination of the festival will show the accomplishments, the failures, and the changes that should be made to improve an experience of this magnitude. Dozens of students were involved with this project and each of their roles will be mentioned and explained as well, displaying the entirety of the endeavor. With this study, I hope to inspire others and provide ambitious students with an easy-to-follow guidebook on planning a large-scale festival, such as the 25 Under 25 Film Fest.