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BS in Journalism




Dan Eller


The following study investigates how using social media as a platform for Cal Poly’s new Dream Center will increase the percentage of outreach and promote awareness among students and staff.

The number of undocumented students on campus continues to grow every year since 2012 when former President, Barak Obama, first introduced introduced DACA. However out of 65,000 undocumented students who graduate high school in the United States, only 10% continue to pursue a higher education, and only 8% of those students actually complete and undergraduate degree.

The purpose of having a dream center is to increase the graduation rates, have a place where undocumented students feel welcomed and free to ask questions, as well as receive additional information on resources available to them.

The first place students are more likely to check is social media as well as the new center’s website. Therefore it is important to develop and maintain this platforms up to date. Social media will not only work as a way to bring awareness to campus but it also works as a two-way symmetrical communication, where students can become more active, provide personal feed back and engage more on campus ac- tivities designed for them.

This paper addresses the need for the DREAM Center at Cal Poly San Luis Obis- po, and the need to use social media as a form of communication and advertise- ment.

The importance assisting and investing in our AB 540 students is addressed, and it also addresses the issues that could arise in the near future.