Department - Author 1

Industrial Technology

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Industrial Technology



Primary Advisor

Eric Olsen, M. Djassemi


With the increase in production of the F-35 Lightening II, Lockheed Martin is currently revising their manufacturing processes to ensure they are capable of meeting the new demand for the aircraft. Different aspects of manufacturing are being altered including innovative packaging for specific components necessary for assembly. Modern packaging of components can lead to shorter lead-times, an increase in reusable and recyclable materials, and an increase in product protection.

This senior project addresses these packaging issues and provides a solution for the needs required by Lockheed for the packaging of their components. The result involves using a Korrvu® packaging solution that provides adequate product protection, reduces the time to package parts, and is completely recyclable. Keeping this packaging solution sustainable follows Lockheed’s “Go Green” program by reducing the waste generated by individually packaging parts. The proposed solution has been developed and reviewed by Sealed Air engineers as well as Dr. Olsen, this student’s senior project adviser.