Department - Author 1

Industrial Technology

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Business Administration



Primary Advisor

Jay Singh, Koushik Saha


The purpose of this project is a proof of theory that analyzes different packaging materials, substrates, and package designs to analyze the effects they have on romaine lettuce. Analysis was performed on materials including bulrush, PET, PS, PE-PP shrink film, and a specially engineered film from Dow Chemicals. There are two rounds of testing that dive into the impacts of headspace, moisture content, and distribution on sensory analysis from a six-person panel.

It was shown that the packaging materials used had a strong impact on shelf life and the sensory qualities of the romaine lettuce. Even though the trays that held the lettuce had an effect on the product’s quality, the film that enclosed the package system was a stronger cause in shortening shelf life.