Department - Author 1

Industrial Technology

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Industrial Technology



Primary Advisor

Eric Olsen, M. Djassemi


Lockheed Martin, the world’s premier aerial combat vehicle manufacturer was pressed to find an eco-friendly way to package their impregnated epoxy. In the current system, the epoxy would be cut on the Gerber table to a pre-determined length and then sandwiched inside of two corrugated fiberboard sheets for storage inside of a freezer. The current process was not only labor intensive, but the corrugated fiberboard had to be disregarded after one use. In conjunction with the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Packaging program and Melmat Incorporated, we were able to find a corrugated plastic substrate to replace the currently non-reusable fiberboard. Through a very tedious design process and multiple prototypes, we were able to construct a working prototype for Lockheed which they were able to test in a closed environment. The polypropylene material held up well after being subjected to cold and room temperature environments. The following report details the whole senior project in its entirety and summarizes how we found a solution for Lockheed Martin.