The quality of frozen food is known to deteriorate in storage due to water migration, in-pack desiccation and frost formation. These same factors can affect folding cartons. The rate of frozen food and folding carton deterioration is further dependent on temperature fluctuations during storage, transportation, loading and unloading. This study was conducted to compare the compression strength of folding cartons made from CNK (Coated Natural Kraft), SBS (Solid Bleached Sulfate), CRP (Coated recycled paperboard) and PCSBS (Poly coated Solid Bleach Sulfate) after subjecting them to multiple freeze-thaw cycles. Compression tests were performed on empty cartons and cartons filled with frozen peas. A two inch headspace was maintained above the peas to prevent them from contributing to carton compression strength. The moisture content of all four carton materials was also determined for all treatments. CNK cartons showed better capacity to withstand compression compared to folding cartons made from SBS, CRP and PCSBS, following freeze thaw cycling.


Industrial Technology



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