Various studies have been conducted to determine the dynamics that single packages undergo during distribution between destinations as a function of package size and weight and carrier. Previous studies have normally focused on regional and domestic measurements of these environments in Europe and North America. However, no information is available to determine the international handling and shipping environment of single parcels between the two continents. This study used instrumented packages containing triaxial accelerometers. The measured shocks were analysed to determine the velocity change levels as a function of the events measured in the distribution environment and to develop data for drop heights that can be used for package testing. This study provides a comparison of DHL and FedEx, the two largest international parcel carriers.


Industrial Technology

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This is the pre-peer reviewed version of the following article: Measurement and Analysis of International Air Parcel Shipping Environment for DHL and FedEx between Europe and United States, Manuel-Alfredo Garcia-Romeu-Martinez, S. Paul Singh, Vicente-Agustin Cloquell-Ballester and Koushik Saha, Packaging Technology and Science, 20:6.



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