The purpose of this research was to determine post-harvest damage to rose apples due to transportation hazards and to comparatively evaluate the performance of the current and proposed wholesale packaging for the fruit. The methodology comprised of sampling and conducting damage analysis of rose apples of two varieties (Thongsamsri and Toonklao) distributed using commercial packaging to various retailers and wholesalers selected at random around the Bangkok metropolitan areas. Three kinds of current wholesale packaging were packed with newly harvested, damage-free, and uniform sized Thongsamsri rose apples and tested using a vibration simulator. The same testing was performed for the two types of proposed wholesale packaging. Performance of both types of packaging was evaluated in terms of damage parameters. Results showed that the post-harvest damage was mainly in the form of bruising and abrasion. The average fruit damage and the average damage percentage of abrasion were higher than that of bruising at both the wholesaler and retailer levels. The average fruit damage and the average damage percentages at the retailer were greater than that at the wholesaler for both varieties. Majority of the damage seen in the current packaging was a combination of bruising and abrasion. The proposed packaging uses diagonally horizontal fruit orientation which imparts a minimum bruising with negligible abrasion.


Industrial Technology



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