Pressurex®, a tactile pressure sensor film which is manufactured by Sensor Product Inc. (East Hanova, NJ, USA), is one of the emerging materials that is convenient for measurements of the strength of pressure and pressure distribution profile between two contacting surfaces without any instrumentation. It immediately reveals impact distribution and magnitude based on intensity and dispersion of color. The intensity of this color is proportional to the amount of force applied allowing the user to actually quantify the stress characteristics across the impact surface. The objective of this paper was to examine free fall drop test results using six different ranges of sensor films with two cushion materials as backing (plastic corrugated and foamed polystyrene sheets). Throughout this study, the dispersion of force and pressure strength through the different free fall drop heights was evaluated using these materials. The best film and cushion material to predict drop height was selected using visual inspection of the imprinted surface based on the magnitude of the color and intensity on the film. A correlation was developed based on the area and diameter of the imprinted surface.


Industrial Technology



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