Telescoping Half Slotted Containers (HSC) and Diagonal Corner Bliss style containers are popular choices for packaging agricultural products such as apples, pears, citrus, potatoes, garlic and most vegetables. This study evaluated two unique corrugated container designs, Kisch Full Circle Tray (FCT) and Single V Kisch Bliss, which are both viable designs available to replace the presently used styles of boxes for produce distribution. This paper presents the compression strength results of Telescoping HSC containers as compared to two possible replacements and the Diagonal Corner Bliss designs when stored under standard, refrigerated and tropical conditions. It also compares the material savings and the life-cycle environmental impacts for the three designs against the Telescoping HSC design. Comparing the average overall peak forces, across all three environmental conditions of the Telescoping HSC boxes to that of the three designs, it was concluded that the Kisch FCT boxes were approximately 17% weaker, while providing material savings of over 14%; the Diagonal Corner Bliss boxes were approximately 9% weaker, while providing material savings of almost 22% and the Single V Kisch Bliss boxes were approximately 14% stronger, while providing material savings of over 19%. Savings in material ranging from 14 to 22% for the three designs tested, translates into significant energy savings, relative optimization of natural resources, reductions in green house gas emissions and relative minimization of waste water and solid waste generated during production in comparison to the Telescoping HSC style boxes.


Industrial Technology



URL: https://digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/it_fac/33