Swarm Intelligence is natural phenomenon that enables social animals to make group decisions in real-time systems. This process has been deeply studied in fish schools, bird flocks, and bee swarms, where collective intelligence has been observed to emerge. The present paper describes swarm.ai—a collaborative technology that enables swarms of humans to collectively converge upon a decision as a real-time system. Then we present the results of a study investigating if groups working as “human swarms” can amplify their social perceptiveness, a key predictor of collective intelligence. Results showed that groups reduced their social perceptiveness errors by more than half when operating as a swarm. A statistical analysis revealed with 99.9% confidence that groups working as swarms had significantly higher social perceptiveness than either individuals working alone or through plurality vote.


Industrial Technology

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An earlier version of the paper was published in the proceedings of the 52nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), 2019, pp. 492-501.



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