Group decision-making is strengthened by the varied knowledge and perspectives that each member brings, yet teams often fail to capitalize on their diversity. This paper describes how Swarm AI, a novel collaborative intelligence technology modeled on the decision-making process of honey bee swarms, enables networked human groups to more effectively leverage their combined insights. Through an empirical study conducted on 60 small teams, each of 3 to 6 members, we demonstrate the capacity of Swarm AI to significantly amplify the collective intelligence of human groups. A well-known testing instrument—the Reading the Mind in the Eyes (RME) test —was used to measure the social intelligence of each team—a key indicator of collective intelligence. The study compares the RME performance of (i) individuals, (ii) teams working by majority vote, and (iii) teams using an interactive software platform that employs Swarm AI technology.


Industrial Technology

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