Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

Degree Name

BS in Industrial Engineering




Reza Pouraghabagher


Helical Products Company is a business that manufactures flexure products, such as couplings and u-joints. As part of a movement towards lean manufacturing, Helical Products Company of Santa Maria, California is in need of a principle that will help them continuously improve their shipping department. A study of 5S, a lean principle focused on waste reduction, will be done to investigate opportunity for implementation. A literature review takes a peek on research of lean manufacturing history, lean workbook/ tutorials and lastly case studies and journal articles. The output of research provides a design plan for Helical using 5S and other lean principles compatible with 5S, such as error proofing and Value Stream Mapping. A list of suggestions based on analysis and feedback from the Helical shipping department is provided. Lastly, a 5S manual catered for Helical Products Company is attached in the appendix.