Department - Author 1

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Manufacturing Engineering



Primary Advisor

Daniel Waldorf


Alcon’s Laser Clean Room fosters inefficient production practices, is outdated for its current process, and lacking in clear process/product flow. A facility re-design is applied to bring order, efficiency, and optimize flow in the laser production lines.

Deliverables include a new layout that decreases product travel distances and increases productivity as well as an implementation plan and cost/savings analysis. Major design decisions include downsizing the clean room, sorting to find waste and establishing clear process/product flows. The design was implemented within three weeks and results yield 29% reduction of product travel distance, 10.4 hrs/day saved from eliminated gowning time and 23% increase in productivity. Cost/savings analysis estimate a payback period of three months and then a yearly savings of roughly $135,396.