Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

Degree Name

BS in Industrial Engineering




Tali Freed


The goal of this project was to increase the usable space for the club Cal Poly Space Systems to work on its projects, improve the safety for its members, and reduce the time it takes to manufacture its products. The project demonstrated the effectiveness of 5S in improving a workspace. Club members were measurably more comfortable in the work environment and spent less time looking for tools. Current rooms were made more professional by ridding the workplace of non-valued items and finding sensible locations for high-traffic items. Additional rooms were added and they should indisputably support club projects the upcoming year. Workspace safety was improved by building a railing to block off a dangerous balcony, and by hanging exit and fire safety signs. Workspace performance was enhanced by installing a high pressure air line for the club to use pneumatic tools. With minimal budget and star results, the project was a true success.