Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

Degree Name

BS in Industrial Engineering




Tao Yang


The purpose of this project is to overhaul the IME department’s Student Fee Committee (SFC) proposal system. A web enabled database was designed in order to improve this system. A significant amount of time was spent researching different programming languages, paradigms, and frameworks in order to determine the most logical approach to the system redesign. After a few false leads, it was determined that the most appropriate solution to the problem was to design a C# based web form application using asp.NET technology, developed in Microsoft Visual Studio. A mockup was created in Access in an attempt to determine if the table design would be suitable and deliver the required customer needs. The Access model straightened a few kinks out in the initial design, and Visual Studio was used to build the interface and Access interconnects. Currently the web interface is still moving through the final development process. Some aspects such as secure login are currently in the works, but the basic I/O between the frontend and the backend is complete.