Department - Author 1

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Industrial Engineering



Primary Advisor

Lizabeth T. Schlemer


Zensho Group has recently acquired the restaurant US based chains CoCo’s and Carrows but has not been able to affirm the same growth as the company has established in its home country of Japan. In order to fulfill their need to grow, extensive market analysis and research needs to be done. An expansion eastward and the introduction of their flagship restaurant chain, Sukiya, would offer growth potential. Determining the best locations for these new stores is the goal of this project. Low cost and high market penetration potential will be used to recommend the ideal locations that will benefit the company most. In order to determine the lowest costs, the distance from the distribution center to the stores, the costs of the trucks along those routes, the construction would cost, and the menu items will be analyzed to firmly establish optimal growth. Using tools like Analytical Hierarchy Process, data mining using Access, and creating a database for the analysis of the project. CoCo’s and Carrows will expand eastward and Sukiya will be introduced in California

SP_Abstract_Hart_Shane_Jeng_Daniel_December_3_2010.docx (10 kB)
Expansion in Existing and Future Franchises

SP_Title_Hart_Shane_Jeng_Daniel_December_3_2010.docx (10 kB)
Expansion in Existing and Future Franchises