Department - Author 1

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Industrial Engineering



Primary Advisor

Tao Yang


Database queries have been used in business applications throughout the world to filter out specific information which is often used as a basis for making a decision. Despite the broad use of queries, there are only a limited number of ways to represent results, the most common being a dynaset, or results table. This paper describes the investigation of methods to create more visual representations of results using maps to show queried geospatial data. From these methods, applications were successfully developed to create customized maps in Google Earth and Google Maps based on queried geographical data from Microsoft Access databases. These applications were designed and developed by Steven Kilbert and mentored by Tao Yang, Ph.D. (California Polytechnic State University- San Luis Obispo) to satisfy the requirements for an undergraduate Senior Design Project.

Keywords: ASP.NET, Database Queries, Decision Making, Geospatial Data, Google Earth, Google Maps, Microsoft Access, VB.NET