Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

Degree Name

BS in Industrial Engineering




Karen Bangs


This project is designed to select new rental paintball masks for Gladiator Paintball Park. The currently used rental masks are worn down and need replacement. Criteria for new rental masks are examined and include customer preferences, owner's constraints, and time studies. Candidate masks were found by asking customers what they like in rental masks, interviewing other paintball field owners, and referring to the online paintball community. Three candidate masks were found, the V-Force Vantage, JT Alpha, and Kingman java paintball masks. These masks were compared to the currently used rental masks, the V-Force Armor. Customers were surveyed to find out which mask was the safest and most comfortable. Workers were observed cleaning each mask, as the cleaning process is time consuming and costly. A cost analysis was performed to determine which mask had the lowest cost impact. To determine which mask would be the best selection, a weighted criteria equation was used. Based on the weighted criteria, the V-Force Vantage paintball mask was determined to be the best candidate for use at Gladiator Paintball Park and should be purchased immediately.