Department - Author 1

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Industrial Engineering



Primary Advisor

Karen Bangs


ACS Custom Creations had assembly and business operations that wasted time and wasted money. The objective of the project is to improve and implement ACS Custom Creations business and manufacturing operations. The proposed assembly process involves the rearranging of the bottlenecked steps to eliminate constraints. The assembly workstations were also redesigned to reduce cycle time. With the improvement of the new assembly and business operations, ACS is poised to grow into a bigger company. Financial Statements were created to improve visibility of the company’s historical data. These financial statements include an income statement, balance sheet, and a cash flow statement. These statements can also be used to support analysis for future investments. An access database needs to be created to store all of this financial information and inventory. The database will also be used to create and manage orders. During an assembly build, the employees spend 40 minutes and 20 seconds per build performing the current process costing the company $21 per computer. Using the same data from the current process, the new process and workstations cause the employees to spend 28 minutes and 43 seconds per computer, costing the company $14.92 per computer. This amounts to a 28.9% time and money saved for ACS Custom Creations. Further recommendations are to continue improvements on the assembly process. With continuous improvements, ACS can continue to grow into a more successful company. ACS is currently in the process of developing an e‐commerce website that will take all the information from their database and make it available to the customers. When developed, another recommendation is that the employees update prices of their components once a month. This will allow for ACS to stay profitable and competitive.

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