Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

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BS in Industrial Engineering




Reza Pouraghabagher


Cal Poly’s Recreation Center serves many faculty, students and alumni by providing them with a safe and fun environment to work out and swim. An overwhelming majority of students voted for a Recreation Center expansion to handle the increased usage of the Center over the past few years. The focus of this report is the safe and effective operations of the pool deck and the lifeguard staff. Three surveys were created to see what the lifeguard staff, as well as pool users, thought about the current pool deck and what they would like to see in the new pool deck after the expansion. The analyzed survey results help to zero in on key issues that should be addressed. The major issues included lifeguard staffing, new pool deck signs to increase safety, and suggested pool deck layouts. These layouts were created with input from the surveys as well as knowledge of how the pool is used by swimmers, classes and other users.