College - Author 1

College of Engineering

Department - Author 1

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Industrial Engineering



Primary Advisor

Karla Carichner


This report will encompass a two-quarter long senior project effort to provide a recommendation for the client, Crystal Engineering. Crystal Engineering is currently in the process of introducing three new products, one now and two within the next six months. However, their existing lines already occupy the available production space and as a result, they are unable to determine how to effectively incorporate new production lines within the facility. Therefore, the main objectives of this project were to deliver several facility redesign layouts backed by a holistic justification for each. The formulation of the facility redesign layouts incorporated several industrial engineering tools and methodologies which included systematic layout planning, cellular manufacturing, and a customized design focused on saving space. These methodologies generated four facility redesigns where systematic layout planning was incorporated into two of them (Design 2, Design 3); and cellular manufacturing and space savings (Design 1 and Design 4 respectively) each incorporated just one. In order to choose the most optimal design, the industrial engineering tool of analytical hierarchy process (AHP) was used where the factors and individual weights of each were determined with the input of several key stakeholders at Crystal Engineering. The design that ended up being chosen with AHP was Design 4 which incorporated the space savings methodology (see Design section). Besides AHP, which included four key factors (flow, available space, cost, effort of implementation; see Methods section for greater detail) defined with the help of client, an economic analysis based on a revenue per square foot metric was also used to further justify Design 4. One of the most significant factors in the justification of the implementation of Design 4 was found in the economic analysis. The results determined that the potential increase for annual profit based on the projected addition of three new product lines was valued at $2,627,786. Furthermore, the other three layouts would not be able to accommodate the three new lines if they were to be the projected size, leaving Design 4 the only design to fully accommodate the clients requirements due to its aggressive focus on space savings for future product line expansion.