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Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

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BS in Industrial Engineering




Professor, Dr. Tali Freed


Radiology Associates (RA) is a diagnostic imaging center that offers high-quality, digital medical imaging and interventional radiology services for patients, physicians and healthcare organizations across the Central Coast. They are an ongoing problem that involves a considerable portion of their patients not showing up for their appointments Our project aims to reduce same day missed appointments at Radiology Associates. Radiology Associates currently has a no-show rate of 13.48%. They lose approximately $240 for every same day missed appointment. Our goal was to find new ways to reduce their no-show rate to 8%. Based on our calculations, Radiology Associates could save $39,285.35 by reducing the no-show percentage by 5.5%. We researched literature on causes of no-shows and alternative scheduling methods. We then mapped out the scheduling process and analyzed data on no-shows. After discovering some potential causes for the high no-show rate, we constructed solutions and created standard operating procedures.