Department - Author 1

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Manufacturing Engineering



Primary Advisor

Tom Mase


Being able to demo a golf putter is essential for a golfer since the feel of the putter is critical in determining what suits the golfer best. Due to the market being primarily dominated by right-handed players, it is difficult for left-handed players to demo high quality putters since the selection is sparse.

This report is about designing and integrating an interchangeable fastening system that allows a putter to be altered between a right and left-handed orientation, while still maintaining the traditional look of a putter. The report covers the necessary design steps, the prototyping of the putter, the projected manufacturing processes for production, and an economic justification. This includes the CAD models with tolerance drawings, prototyping processes, and part routings for the anticipated manufacturing process.

The project resulted in a functioning prototype that allows the shaft of the putter to be switched and secured for both right and left-handed orientation. The putter is able to change orientation within a minute through a relatively easy assembly process. This project also included several iterations of physical working prototypes that range in different materials from ABS to Titanium.

An economic justification was also completed to aid in justifying the feasibility of this project. The projected cost per putter came out to roughly $185 per putter. This production cost enables the putter to be priced at $325, which is priced below comparable models of putters.