Department - Author 1

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Industrial Engineering



Primary Advisor

Xuan Wang


Lisso Wine is a company that currently purchases wine from a California winemaker and resells it in China. In order to reach more customers and increase sales, Lisso wants to create their own brand of wine while keeping the winemaker as a supplier. However, they do not have a plan for the marketing, production, or distribution of their new product. This project will be treated as a startup venture by Lisso Wine and designed to be operated by a handful of people with limited resources. Sustainable and cost-effective materials were selected for the product and it’s packaging in order to maximize profits and reduce the environmental impact of the product. With a strong focus on building relationships with customers online, this new brand of wine will be marketed through social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, and sold through a website hosted by Squarespace. Currently Lisso Wine does not have a workspace to operate in, so a facility was designed in SketchUp, a 3D computer modelling program, to determine what equipment will be needed and how it will be arranged to maximize efficiency and reduce waste. Breakeven analysis suggests that this startup venture is a sound investment and has the potential to generate over $1,000 in profit from just 10 cases of wine, or 120 bottles. Although more information is needed before making sales projections, this business model can easily be scaled up if successful.