Department - Author 1

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Industrial Engineering



Primary Advisor

Karen Bangs


The San Luis Obispo YMCA sports department was losing money and overworking their employees due to lack of processes and organizational issues. To address this, a plan was made with the sports director to begin organizing the sports department. This would be done by creating an operations manual for them to organize and consolidate all of their relevant information.

The project was scoped to develop a plan for the YMCA to implement an operations manual. By delivering a work breakdown structure, a gantt chart, and a plan for continuous improvement, the YMCA could use these tools to develop their operations manual and keep it up-to-date in the years to come.

Ensuring value for the YMCA sports department was critical throughout the development of the manual. Meetings were scheduled regularly to ensure that their thoughts and additions were included in the process documentation. This all helped to make sure that the sports department would get a document that they would use and find valuable.

The original plan was just to deliver the work breakdown structure and the gantt chart to the YMCA, but after those were completed the plan for continuous improvement was added to ensure there was lasting value in the project for the YMCA. The current sports director and her assistant will fill out the outline provided to them, and then pass this operations manual on to set some processes and avoid future organizational issues.