Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

Degree Name

BS in Industrial Engineering




Reza Pouraghabagher


Climate change due to global warming has become a worldwide concern.

Nowadays, people are starting to wake up and realize that changes need to be

made in their lifestyles in order to preserve this earth and provide a better planet

for future generations. Finding a concrete solution to global warming and climate

change has proven to be a very challenging task. Governments have tried

implementing solutions and as a result, corporations have been forced to absorb

or transfer the cost of unsuccessful environmental regulations. Meanwhile,

individuals remain frustrated, wishing they could find a way to help.

The motivation behind this project was to find to ways were individual consumers

and industry could connect and together build the path towards sustainability.

The brainstorming process started with the focus on carbon emissions, and the

damage they create in the atmosphere and how there are some alternatives that

can be used to reduce and eventually mitigate the carbon footprint. Through the

brainstorming process the team realized that the internet was a very useful tool,

not only to gather information and spread awareness on the idea behind carbon

neutrality, but also connect consumers and industry interested in such idea.

After the brainstorming process the team came up with the specific purpose of

creating a website that will connect consumers interested in carbon neutral

products and companies that offer carbon neutral products or are interested in

the subject. The website will serve as an information platform for consumers and

industry on carbon offset projects, carbon credits and the overall idea of a carbon

neutral product or service.

Throughout the project the team researched on topics related to carbon neutrality

and also on how to build a website, and which platform to use. The design step

used the DMAIC process to develop the website according to the goals set for

the project. The project also involves an economic analysis on the cost and

possible revenue from advertisement and other features of the website.

Through the project the team successfully developed the website, and planned

the next 12 months of the website to ensure that it is economically feasible. The

domain for the website is “”.