Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

Degree Name

BS in Industrial Engineering




Tao Yang


Halt Medical Inc. is a biomedical device startup whose managers are interested in assessing their levels of employee satisfaction and organizational well-being. They want to know if their employees are cooperating, if departments are cohesive, and if everyone is happy. To evaluate Halt Medical’s social capital and environment, a social responsibility audit will be conducted concentrated specifically on the organization’s social and ethical initiatives to its employees. This analysis requires interviews of managers, observations of cultural diffusion, and employee opinions on a variety of business areas. The five areas of focus for this audit are the company’s accommodation of each individual, team development, interdepartmental interactions, managerial capacity, and corporate culture. Employee opinions are quantified through a catered survey and used to determine which focus areas are strong or in need of improvement. Employee data is compared to management expectations and observations to assess organizational health. Personal accommodation and team development are determined as Halt’s strong areas of social and ethical initiatives. Interdepartmental cohesion, management capabilities, and culture are seen as areas for improvement. Important recommendations made include reviewing employee performances more frequently, rewarding collaborative efforts, establishment of visual cues for disclosure system guidelines, and several tips for continuously improving managerial capabilities, amongst other recommendations. An economic justification is also performed to encourage repeated in-house social audits.