Department - Author 1

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Industrial Engineering



Primary Advisor

Reza Pouraghabagher


This project set out to create a user-friendly wine collection management software. Existing systems were reviewed and discussions with collectors took place to establish the user requirements for this type of inventory management system. This led to the scope of the project being narrowed to making a wine bottle entry form that was quick and easy to use. The programming language, Ruby on Rails, was used to design this system, and learning the software was a large part of the project itself. It was established that four forms would be designed using combinations of two ergonomic factors: an “F” shaped layout and the use of autocomplete text boxes. Two “F” shaped forms were developed: one with autocomplete and one without autocomplete. The other two forms had a simple vertical text box format: one had autocomplete, and the other did not. A one-way ANOVA followed up by a Fisher comparison test revealed that the form with no “F” shape and no autocomplete had the lowest mean entry time. These results were surprising because the altered layout and autofilling text boxes were expected to improve the users experience. An analysis of the unexpected results was conducted, but the data still allowed for a conclusion on which form was the most user-friendly. Also, the results could apply to other systems besides just a wine bottle entry form because the experiment focused on form-filling ergonomics.

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Loddengaard abstract

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