Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

Degree Name

BS in Manufacturing Engineering




Jose Macedo


Companies are always looking for new ways to increase productivity and help the company save money. The way this is done is by researching new and more efficient ways to produce whatever it is the company is selling. Since there are always new technologies coming forward it can be difficult to distinguish which ones are viable and which ones are not. This paper looks at the decision of moving a company from a traditional 3-axis milling set-up to a 4-axis or 5-axis milling set-up. Through research and analysis this report will guide a company through the decision making process and help decide whether a move to 4-axis or 5-axis machinery is the correct move for them. In the end, every company is different and a switch to a 4-axis or 5-axis machine may not be for every company but it can be the right decision for some.