Department - Author 1

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in General Engineering



Primary Advisor

Roya Javadpour


A lack of project organization manifested through unclear team goals, rush deliveries of materials, lost tools and materials, half days of effort due to improper planning, wasted design time, missed submission dates, lack of clear job positions at competition, and low competition scores. A process was created to properly manage the team and it was implemented through the use of various templates, examples, and calculation programs. Each deliverable received feedback from this project’s stakeholders and changes were reflected in the final process. The results were as follows:

Table 1: Summary of Results

Implement a sustainable project management methodology

Each step of the process tested on 2012-2013 Cal Poly SAE Baja team

Complete Milestones on or before their due dates

On time:

  • Competition Registration
  • Cost Report
  • Design Report (On Schedule)
  • Go/No Go date 2 weeks early

Reduce current year’s waste by 50% over last year

  • No rushed shipments
  • No half days
  • Cost report decreased from $16,500 to $15,000

Create the opportunity to increase current year’s points by at least 25% over last year’s overall point score

  • Competition Score Estimation: 800 points
  • Previous year’s score: 517.15
  • 54.7% increase