Department - Author 1

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Industrial Engineering



Primary Advisor

Roya Javadpour, Professor


This paper will further examine the procedures involved in transitioning to a new bottle type made by Glass Company B, on a specific bottling line within E&J Gallo’s bottling facility. For this project Bottling Line X will require thorough testing as well as the creation of a changeover choreography plan. The testing procedure will follow a 3 phase process utilizing project management and statistical skills to ensure quality standards are upheld with the transition. Since Bottling Line X is not familiar with transitioning between bottle types, lean manufacturing techniques will be required to create a changeover document ensuring operators are able to successfully change between bottle types with little inconvenience or assistance from mechanics.

The completion of this project proved Bottling Line X to be partially capable of upholding quality standards while running the new bottle design. Of the two label types tested with the new bottle one is now qualified to run on Bottling Line X. The label type unable to run on Line X will be transitioned to Bottling Line Y, which currently runs the new bottle design with this label type. While conducting tests, procedures and settings were documented and altered to generate a step by step changeover procedure. With the conclusion of testing and changeover documentation the original estimate of two hours for a changeover was reduced to a forty-five minute requiring no additional assistance from mechanics.