Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

Degree Name

BS in Industrial Engineering




Roya Javadpour, Professor


Many women feel pain and discomfort when wearing high heels to certain events. This is a problem because it can lead to a variety of health issues. It would be beneficial and convenient if a woman could remove the heelpiece from her shoe while still wearing the same product. However, there is currently no popular high heels that can convert to a flat shoe on the market today. Our goal was to perform an in depth human factors analysis with regards to high heel use and formulate a solution to these problems. After reviewing literature, conducting a survey, and analyzing current materials used in shoe making, we proposed a solution and created a prototype that demonstrates how a heelpiece can detach from a shoe converting it into a flat. This proposed design had to be durable, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing in order to realistically expect demand for such a product. We discovered solutions that address these issues along with a viable mechanism for connecting and disconnecting the heelpiece. Further research in the manufacturing of such materials could definitely lead to the production of an exceptional product.

Available for download on Saturday, June 01, 2019