Department - Author 1

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Industrial Engineering



Primary Advisor

Lizabeth T. Schlemer


This report details the analysis of potential eLecture creation and distributions for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Specifically, this project will focus on a system for the College of Engineering. This project was completed using the Systems Engineering process and concentrated more specifically on the Systems Evaluation phase, in which the specifics for potential system solutions are discussed. The first step was to define the problem that must be addressed; Cal Poly currently uses eLectures in the classroom, but with the wide variety of eLecture creator and distribution alternatives available, there is no optimal system at the University. The next step was to determine the functional requirements for an eLecture creation and distribution system based on the needs of three separate stakeholders: the students, professors, and IT department. Next, research was conducted to establish the different technological approaches that may meet the stakeholder’s needs, and consequently the system requirements. Finally, these alternatives were ranked in a functional requirements matrix to their ability to meet the system requirements. Analysis determined that Panopto Focus (as Creator) & Panopto Focus (as Viewer) & iTunes U was the best choice for Cal Poly’s College of Engineering. There is a cost of $43,000 associated with implementing this system, and with a savings of $52,500, it will be paid back in 10 months after implementation.