Most manufacturing processes can benefit from an automated scheduling system. However;: the design of a fast, computerised scheduling system that achieves high-quality results and requires minimal resources is a difficult undertaking. Efficient .. scheduling of a semiconductor device test facility requires an information system that provides good schedules quickly. Semiconductor device testing-is the last stage of the long semiconductor manufacturing process, and therefore. is subjected to customer service pressures. The cost of an off-the-shelf computerised scheduling system may he prohibitive for many companies. In addition, many companies are taken aback by other characteristics of off-the-shelf scheduling systems, such as code confidentiality, maintenance costs, and failure rates. We draw upon the literature and our field case to discuss some of the"trade-offs bet\',:een in-house development and off-the-shelf acquisition of software: We describe the in-house design and implementation of a scheduling decision :support system for one device test facility. Using the design and implementation process of this system as a case study, we discuss how one facility uses in-house design of systems in a strategic way, as a competitive capability.


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