The curriculum for undergraduate engineering programs is often partitioned into several courses that are taught in isolation followed by a single culminating senior design or capstone project experience. In the senior design class students being to synthesize the knowledge and skills that they acquired through the engineering curriculum. This paper presents lower and upper division course and curricular changes made to accommodate learning objectives that better prepare students for project-based learning. These learning experiences and skills include: systems level design, experience with state-of-the-art Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools, printed circuit board (PBC) design, design for manufacturability, electronics assembly, project management, engineering ethics, and communication skills. Three upper division project based learning courses have been developed and are being offered this year. In addition, the development of laboratory tutorials and learning modules for the lower division engineering curriculum will introduce all engineering majors to current electronic manufacturing technology, and allow them to design electronic manufacturing technology, and allow them to design electronic systems using PCBs. The courses and tutorial learning modules are currently being classroom tested and assessed.


Industrial Engineering | Manufacturing

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