Many high school students these days do not quickly recognize or identify Industrial Engineering (IE) procedures, practices, and products. Recruitment of qualified students into IE programs requires continuous planning, publicizing, and networking. Traditional recruitment efforts have included high school visits, brochures & flyers, and university-sponsored workshops. However, these techniques have only achieved mediocre success. Currently, a need exists for new promotional materials that utilize visual tools and provide a “hands-on” approach. We have developed several exercises that successfully introduce IE. Two such exercises are explained in this paper. The first exercise demonstrates the differences between Assembly line and Cellular Manufacturing by engaging the students in various stages of a production line. The students are then asked to study the effects of different strategies as they manufacture a simple product. The second exercise introduces Mechatronics. Students are asked to build a model car that responds to a source of controlled light. In limited trials, these exercises have proven successful.


Industrial Engineering | Manufacturing



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