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College of Liberal Arts

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History Department

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BA in History



Primary Advisor

Lewis Call


During the relatively short period from the mid-to-late eighteenth century when glass musical instruments were manufactured and gained popularity, several women made names for themselves in the realm of avant-garde musical performance. The lives of three female glass instrument players: Anne Ford, Marianne Davies, and Marianne Kirchgassner, show how these successful performer-entrepreneurs operated in an age of emerging feminine public identity. Their journeys reveal much about the gender dimensions of the age, the role of music in the modern era, the consumption of it, and their approach to business. The financial opportunities presented to women looking to challenge the limitations of their musical lives in relation to the world of glass music, is a relatively under-studied area of research. It reveals the gumption taken to realize these opportunities, and some of the pitfalls and successes along the way.